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Crime prevention triangle- for a crime to occur all three elements must exist, crime prevention is the proactive removal of any one element:

O “In the wake of a shooting there is often an outcry for immediate response in the form of more stringent security…” department of justice, FBI, monograph 2008.

As businesses consider the risks and struggle to develop effective safety strategies; planning , training, and physical plant adaptations, many will consider the armed security option.

Local law enforcement will be the first resource considered to satisfy this demanding role because they have;

  • the right people
  • the proper training
  • the best equipment

Hiring the local police department may not be a viable option for you.

Local law enforcement may not always be the solution for many reasons including; agency policy restrictions, direct costs, department staffing shortages, police budget constraints, union contracts, political influences and the need for your business to retain management control of the assigned staff.

Raven Executive and security services is always a viable option to serve in this demanding role.

Raven Executive delivers:

  • The right people – we use the same human resources as the local police. Raven uses only active duty or former Michigan police officers and military personnel with real world experience.
  • The proper training – we mandate training to Michigan commission on law enforcement standards benchmarks.
  • The best equipment – Raven provides and closely regulates the defensive and protective equipment deployed consistent with the international association of chiefs of police (I.A.C.P.)recommendations.

Raven is dedicated to applying these resources as defined and articulated by the needs of the client and our resources and services remain under the full control and direction of the client.

Raven is prepared to deliver an effective rapid response and deployment resource as part of a comprehensive crime prevention and violence mitigation strategy-

  • Assimilating into your corporate culture as a partner and visible deterrence to violence
  • Supporting the evaluation and ongoing assessment of risk factors
  • Supporting effective policy and action plans focused on violence mitigation
  • Deploying qualified human resources in a “first responder” role
  • Delivering adequate training to the “first responders”
  • Providing the necessary and appropriate equipment to the “first responders”

Liaison with local police and fire departments for the integration of emergency action plans

The term rapid response and deployment is defined as;

“…the swift deployment of personnel and resources to developing or ongoing life-threatening situations where delayed deployment of emergency personnel could otherwise result in death or serious bodily harm to innocent persons.” -IACP national law enforcement policy center, 2013

Key elements of the Raven rapid response to a violent intruder:

  • Assist the organization in formulating policy and action plans
  • Effectively assimilate the plan and resources into the campus culture
  • Select and deploy highly qualified human resources to carry out the policy
  • Provide Michigan commission on law enforcement standards training for all “first responders”
  • Provide I.A.C.P. recommended equipment to execute the action plan
  • Develop a strong liaison and integration with local law enforcement response plans

Campus Security Services

A Starting Point :

Assumptions: 1 (one) armed security field agent, uniformed to client requirements, trained to m.c.o.l.e.s. benchmark, equipped as a “first responder” to violence, a patrol vehicle on site, and supervision by raven management.

  • Basic hourly rate $ 55.00 (subject to negotiation based on several factors i.e.; multiple agents, total contract hours, additional or reduced equipment needs, specific client post orders…)
  • Overtime $ 55.00 no increase in rate will be applied if notified at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Overtime rate $ 60.00 overtime rate with less than 24 hours advance notice.
  • Holiday rate $ 65.00 national holidays

Compare with local law enforcement contracts in South East Michigan in 2013

  • Basic hourly rate $ 65.00 – $90.00 basic hourly rate
  • Overtime wage is time and one/half by union contracts
  • Holiday wage is double time by union contract


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The right resources:

  • Raven uses only active duty or former Michigan police officers and military personnel as field agents.
  • Raven staff are required to periodically complete Michigan commission on law enforcement standards (mcoles) approved firearms, and first responder training.
  • Raven staff are current American heart association cpr/aed cardholders.
  • defensive and protective equipment recommended by the international association of chiefs of police.


The right company:

  • Raven is a state licensed security and professional investigation firm.
  • Raven is a fully insured corporation, clients are automatically covered as additionally insured parties.
  • A responsible & accountable management team with 65 years of Executive law enforcement experience.
  • Raven enjoys the support of a valuable network inside the local law enforcement community.

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