Michigan Investigation Services

Civil Litigation Investigator

Never enter a court proceeding without preparing for a fight. Raven Investigative resources have been invaluable to our clients as they prepare for court proceedings, legal actions, and legal counsel maneuvering. You know what you will face in a civil proceeding, take advantage of our experience and technology to best prepare for your day in court.

Business & Employment

Business & employment investigation service in Michigan: Whether you face a new business venture with unknown principals, a difficult employee hiring process, or you are determined to find the right person for a promotion, Raven resources and networks will support your ability to make the right choices.

Person or Asset Locator

Person or asset location & investigation service: Raven subscribes to the best resources available to assist in locating persons or assets. With the use of cutting-edge technology including the use of portable vehicle tracking systems and other trade resources to get the results you or your company needs.

A Premier Investigation Service in Michigan and the U.S.A. Worker's Compensation Investigation - Auto No-Fault Investigation - Litigation & Trial Preparation Investigation - Fraud Investigation - Family and Medical Leave Act Investigation - Pre-employment Investigation - Disability Investigation