Neighborhood Security in Michigan

Community security company Michigan

Michigan Neighborhood Security Cooperative

+ Designed for exclusive residential communities seeking protection and life safety services dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in your neighborhood.

* High quality human resources using only active duty or former Michigan police officers and military personnel, trained to Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement standards benchmarks.
* Crime prevention patrols and first response providing onsite immediate response to burglar, fire, and medical alarms.

+ More than a patrol, all agents are CPR certified and each patrol car is equipped with an AED; car lockout kit; car boost start packs; agents perform house checks when you are out of town, collect mail, sign for packages and a variety of customer service tasks as needed by the client.

Costs are shared by the members of the association equally, making high quality human resources affordable.

Download the Neighborhood Security Cooperative PDFMovie set security firm in Michigan

Raven Executive and Security Services is a premier private security company in Michigan.

+ Our people are only active duty or former police officers and military personnel working as supervisors and armed field agents. Raven has been used by production companies to supervise and manage a contracted unarmed security assets on set for the best results.

Executive protection services provided for:

Business Security
Movie / Celebrity
Campus Security