Security Training for Michigan Businesses & Schools

Executive Protection Certification

Our close personal protection course is designed as a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals of close personal protection strategies and tactics. This course is designed for security personnel interested in developing proper techniques, strategies, and operational planning for the successful protection of the valued client.

Course Topics include:

  • The principles of Executive Protection
  • Understanding and conducting threat assessments
  • Advance work
  • Design and implement a physical protection detail

Violent Intruder Preparedness

The potential for violent intrusion at the workplace has become a sad reality for virtually every commercial venue. Stories of violent incidents occurring in our society at schools, malls, fast food restaurants, even beauty salons seem to accentuate the fact that all are vulnerable. Our Violent Intruder Preparedness course is designed to assist the private business environment during an active violence incident. Planning and preparing how your organization will react during those crucial minutes before the police arrive is your best chance for survival. This course provides guidance to individuals; managers and employees, so that they can be prepared to react to a violent intruder such as an active shooter.

  • Actions to take when confronted with a violent intruder
  • What to expect from responding law enforcement officials
  • Actions to take to prevent and prepare for potential violent intruder incidents
  • How to manage to consequences of a violent intruder incident

Workplace Violence

Our workplace violence prevention training course is tailored to meet the needs of your specific organization. The program uses proven methods to help manage unruly and aggressive behavior in an effort to prevent the escalation of workplace violence incidents. The course will help reduce disruptive incidents, lower risk of injury, improve employee relations, and reduce potential liability.

Course Topics include:

  • How to access your work environment
  • Learn how to recognize warning signs
  • Ways to promote respect
  • Eliminate potential weapons
  • Develop and know your violence response procedure
  • How to develop a team approach

Emergency Preparedness

Planning for the mitigation of disaster is now an essential element of business operations. A business can do a great deal to prepare for the impact of the many hazards they face in today’s world including natural hazards like floods, tornados, wide spread illness, human caused accidents or acts of violence and technology failures of systems and equipment. Being prepared to deal with a disastrous event and formulating a plan for fast recovery and return to normal operations will reduce the negative impact on your business.

Course Topics include:

  • Program Development & Management
  • Planning and publication
  • Implementation & Training
  • Testing & Exercises

Expert Security Services

Professional protective & investigation services in Michigan and the USA.

  • CONTROL ACCESS and secure your facility or venue with trained officers.
  • PROTECT your construction or renovation project assets.
  • MITIGATE A VIOLENT ATTACK with professional armed field agents.
  • CLOSE PERSONAL PROTECTION provided by experienced operators.
  • SECURE TRANSPORTATION for Visitors, Business Associates or Family.
Raven Executive’s Services


In addition to our personal protection services, Raven provides a variety of support services for film set safety, violent intruder solutions for schools & business, community & neighborhood security and our business security cooperative solution that controls costs. We offer expert protection services in Michigan and the U.S. at affordable prices. Contact us today to discuss your security needs.

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