Our people are only active duty or former police officers and military personnel working as supervisors and armed field agents. Raven has been used by production companies to supervise and manage a contracted unarmed security assets on set for the best results.
  • Raven is a state licensed security and professional investigation firm. Raven is a fully insured Michigan corporation since 2006.
  • Raven clients are automatically covered as additionally insured parties minimum general liability coverage of $3 million.
  • Responsible & accountable management team with more than 65 years of executive public law enforcement agency experience.
  • Access control support to develop a plan and implement a credential system for your production.
  • Fire safety watch officers, familiar with the structure and safety requirements of the film industry.
  • Raven has a valuable network inside the local law enforcement community.

Raven offers versatile & flexible on demand service 24/7 in the metro-Detroit area and a 24 hour deployment anywhere in the state of Michigan. Michigan Film Office vendor and services are provided by a Michigan based corporation using only Michigan resident employees that satisfy state financing requirements.

Human resources Raven uses only active duty or former police officers, military personnel with real world close personal protection experience or certified personal protection operators as field agents.

Training and experience our operators are proven professionals mandated by Raven to complete continuing education consistent with the Michigan commission on law enforcement standards and industry benchmarks.

  • Raven is licensed by the state of Michigan to operate personal protection assets.
  • Raven carries a minimum $ 3 million general liability insurance and clients are automatically covered as additionally insured parties.
  • Raven is a one stop shopping operation, providing transportation, lodging arrangements and personal protection resources for visiting vips with one phone call.
  • Secure transportation and escort service. We make the arrangements for secure transportation with a personal protection operator.
  • Raven offers versatile & flexible on demand service 24/7 in the metro-Detroit area and 24 hour deployment anywhere in the state of Michigan.
Raven Executive and Security Services has provided personal protection assets for; PGA senior open golf tournament; Disney motion picture studios; Warner Bros. Motion picture studios; NBC television; Talmer Bank; Goldman Sachs; Och-Ziff Capital Management and others.
  • Set Security: trained “first responders” on site to act as a rapid response and deployment asset.
  • Violent intruder specialization, quality human resources trained to law enforcement standards, properly equipped.
  • Escort services- secure and reliable transportation of business associates, vips, guests to the area or your family.
  • Courrier services- safe secure and dependable point to point transportation of people, valuable goods or documents.
  • Special events – corporate events; product roll outs; fundraisers; celebrations; ceremonies, excursions to sports or entertainment venues.
  • Temporary venues in high risk locations or when the risk assessment indicates for commercial, business and personal security.
  • Labor or employee challenges, when threats exist, proactive presence during employee termination or disciplinary proceedings.
  • Personnel- all Raven armed operators are trained in accord with the Michigan commission on law enforcement standards and guidelines for skills and judgment.
Strategic planning support for set emergency management plans. Risk assessments, physical site plan preparation, threat assessments. Post orders developed and approved by the client to address the special needs of the venue.
  • Set security patrols – commercial or public facility and residential area protection.
  • Access control of the set, the facilities, checkpoints and roving credential checks.
  • Uniform para-military, soft uniform or as defined by the client.
  • Loss prevention – interior and exterior patrols, surveillance system management.
  • Parking & traffic control support and management.
  • Personnel- Raven unarmed staff members satisfy state of Michigan requirements, and receive specialized training and support to address the specific needs of the site.
  • Supervision and management by active duty or former Michigan police officers with film industry experience.