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Security Consulting

Raven provides comprehensive security consultation services. Raven’s expert team can provide detailed risk assessments, physical security plans, project security planning, as well as contract chief security officers.

Today's security environment is complex, challenging, and ever evolving to meet liabilities that never were a consideration in the past. This contemporary environment demands more sophisticated tactics to mitigate the risks while meeting every requirement from our client. The historical industry approach to addressing this environment is to offer a security guard with minimal training at a fixed cost. We seek to break that mold.

Raven is dedicated to providing top-tier security and protective services in the USA.

Security Training

Raven provides an array of security training options to audiences of all sizes including businesses, churches, schools, government agencies, and more.

Training curriculum includes:

  • Risk Assessments - Hire Raven experts to identify, analyze, and develop mitigation strategies to lower risk to your organization. Raven experts will deliver an easy to understand comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation plan with minimal impact to your operations.
  • Physical Security Plans - Hire Raven experts to develop a physical security plan for your existing or future structure. Physical security plans can include access control, video monitoring, security guards, physical barriers, locks, policies and procedures, and more. Raven will with you to develop a comprehensive plan that meets your needs and fits your budget.
  • Project Security Planning - Hire Raven experts to plan and manage physical security your upcoming project. Everything from access control to intrusion deterrence, Raven will handle security so your team can accomplish the project on time and on budget.
  • Contract Chief Security Officers - Whether your company has grown quicker than expected or have a gap in CSO’s Raven’s experts can immediately fill the need and add value to your executive team and organization as a whole.
  • Security Insider - Do you want to know if your current policies, procedures, and security posture is effective? Contact Raven to act as a “red cell” where a skilled Raven agent will test your current security protocol. Raven will review current policies to ensure they are current with the best industry practices. Raven will test your access control and deliver a detailed report. Use Raven to ensure your current security contractor is providing on their deliverables. Contact Raven for more details.

With Raven on your side, you bring to bear nearly 1,000 years of actual law enforcement experience.

Employment termination letter. Unfair dismissal concept.

Employment Termination / Layoff Assistance:

At some point, every company will have to involuntarily terminate an employee. These events are difficult and often produce volatile emotional responses from all parties involved.

Raven’s recognized security experts have decades of experience as law enforcement specialists and have frequently operated in high-stress and hyper-emotive situations. Whether your company has an internal security program or not, Raven can provide additional support in the difficult task of employment termination.

Our experience in volatile situations, respect for confidentiality, and commitment to secure solutions distinguishes Raven from other companies. From individual employee terminations to national reductions in force, our clients trust us to protect their people, property, and reputation.

Our protection model is very flexible and scalable based on the risk assessment of the situation and the needs of the client. We deliver cost effective solutions that account for every detail.

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Protecting Presidents, C-level Executives, Celebrities and high-profile sites in the U.S.

Executive Protection:

Expert close personal protection of high-profile executives is our specialty. Our executive protection strategies have earned us the title as one of the premier VIP protection services in the U.S..

Movie / Celebrity Security:

We understand and satisfy the special needs and ever-changing demands eccentric to a production environment. Some of our satisfied Clients are Disney, Warner Brothers and Michigan Motion Picture Studios. We know what it takes to provide high-level security in the entertainment industry.

Politician Security:

Raven has experience protecting former Presidents, political candidates, Senators, Congressmen and local high-profile political figures.

Security Training:

Security Training for schools & businesses: Executive Protection Certification – Violent Intruder Preparedness – Workplace violence – Emergency Preparedness

Personal Protection:

Raven uses only active duty or former Michigan Police Officers and Military personnel trained and certified as personal protection specialists with real world experience.

Employee Conflicts:

Raven can provide safety and security for terminations, post workplace violent events or deliver the training to your management team to recognize the “High Risk” signs indicative of impending workplace conflicts.

Armed Security:

Only experienced operators meeting current Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards benchmarks utilizing company authorized equipment serve in the capacity of Armed Security agent.

Unarmed Security:

Unarmed staff are well trained, properly compensated to instill ownership in their work and closely supervised by Raven Managers.


For a day, a week or long-term including local travel if necessary. With one call Raven can make the local arrangements for you.

Loss Prevention:

Whether the issue is a construction site in a high risk location or internal employee theft and fraud, Raven can bring the right resources to address any problem.

VIP Escort Services:

Secure and reliable transportation of business associates, VIPs, guests to the area or just a night on the town.

Courier Services:

Safe, secure and dependable point to point transportation of people, valuable property or documents.

Investigation Services:

Raven uses only experienced well trained investigators, with the right equipment and applying industry best practices to discover the truth and help you steer clear of complications or distractions.

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